A comprehensive range of services enables us to design the most appropriate fundraising programme with your organisation.

A sound Fundraising Plan and its strategic implementation will build and nurture a responsive and faithful constituency of donors for your organisation.

Our approach to fundraising demands considerable experience, finely tuned skills, a sound understanding of the New Zealand business and philanthropic environments, leadership qualities, outstanding planning and management abilities, along with all the advantages of today’s technology and modern communications.

Fundraising is a dignified process, based on marketing principles and an exchange of values. It is the task of the fundraising professional to ensure that every gift sought is asked for by the right person, in the right way, at the right time, for the right reason and for the right amount.

The first step in any fundraising plan is always an investigation of the organisation’s constituency. It may take the form of a Fundraising Audit where the client has already implemented a fundraising programme for operating costs, or we may recommend a Fundraising Feasibility and Planning Study where the organisational focus is on a capital (asset or endowment) purpose.

A clear case for support, for a defined project or programme, is put to a number of individuals or people representing corporations, organisations and Philanthropic Trusts. These people are interviewed and their opinions analysed, both statistically and from the perspective of not only what was said, but who said it.

The results of these confidential interviews and subsequent analysis are contained in the Planning Study Report. This is presented to the governing body and will include a determination of the organisation’s profile within its constituency, a validation or otherwise of the perceived community need and the organisation’s proposed response to that need, an investigation of likely funding sources and consideration of potential leadership and other elements of volunteer commitment.

It is not until this Study can be conducted and the Report has been received by the Board that the full structure of the organisation’s Fundraising Plan can be finalised.

We do not take a preconceived structure and impose it on an organisation, but rather work with the client and their constituency to find the best way to achieve their financial and developmental goals.

Carefully organised, highly structured Fundraising programmes which will raise funds for a specific need, in a specific time-frame, from a small group of donors who will make significant gifts to the organization.

“The building block of all fundraising.” The Annual Fund serves to establish a base of donors, to renew their support on an agreed basis, to raise their sights and to inform, educate and involve them in the work of the organisation.

Programmes which apply sound personal, financial and estate planning concepts to the individual donor’s plans for lifetime and testamentary giving. Gifts from these sources are typically applied to increase the organisation’s capital funding base.